Zen Systems has delivered innovative, high value solutions to the automated document production industry since 1995.  Peter Somu, Principal and CEO, is well known for his innovative yet pragmatic approach to problem solving.  A graduate of Osmania University in India with a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University, Peter is well rounded and highly experienced.  Under Peter’s leadership, Zen Sys has worked closely with leading software and hardware manufacturers as well as many end users to architect and develop “best in class” ADF solutions across a range of platforms and in a variety of installation environments.

Peter is an expert in a wide range of languages, operating systems, databases and document composition and print stream manipulation applications in the traditional print arena as well as web presentment systems and straight client-server database applications.  He prides himself on knowing how to use the right tool for the job, whether that be Perl and StreamWeaver in an MVS environment or Manifest Reporter, .Net and SQL in a Windows database driven inserting environment.

Jeff Sutton is a 25 year industry veteran with a unique perspective formed by his experiences working on both the vendor side as well as the customer side.  Jeff built his first ADF in 1995 for a large national telecommunications provider and pioneered the use of print stream manipulation software to drive “on the fly” postal and workflow optimization in a high integrity, file based inserting environment.

Jeff was instrumental in developing a cutting edge database driven inserting solution for a leading European high-speed, high integrity inserter vendor, and has played a key role in delivering advanced customer-centric hardware and software solutions to leading mailers throughout the US.  Jeff is a former Director of the Major Mailers Association, as well as a former member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee to the Postmaster General.  With a broad view of the challenges that face today’s mailers Jeff is uniquely qualified to  help you define and implement real-world solutions in a high integrity ADF environment.

Kumar Lanka manages day-to-day operations of ZenSys development center in Hyderabad, India. Kumar holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has over 19 years of industrial experience, including 5 years in the United States working as a consulting architect for prestigious clients such as Intel, Arthur Anderson and NICor. He has a deep expertise in architecting configurable integrated software solutions using traditional methodologies as well as the latest web technologies.

Kumar served as Senior Development Manager for GetMedia Inc. and was associated in the incorporation of the firm, the development of streaming media proto type and he played a crucial role in getting $10M in funding & over 500 radio stations as client base for the product. As Vice President of Engineering at GTC, Mr. Lanka was the chief architect of their e-commerce project and a key player in their corporate strategies. Kumar has also worked as Sr. Architect at BeVocal Inc. and was associated with patented technological innovations in voice portal applications.

Leonard K. Matthews is a 26 year veteran of the Xerox Corporation with a broad and diverse range of skills related to the Automated Document Factory and other print environs. He has extensive hands-on knowledge gained through customer service at the local and regional level, and his competencies include customer needs analysis, LAN/WAN networking, various operating systems, extensive PDL debugging, ADF systems architecture design and implementation, custom software design, Unix programming, and more.

While at Xerox, Leonard served as the Technical Sales Operation Manager and project manager for a number of years with a focus on ADF design and optimization. Leonard has worked with many commercial, state, and government customers in providing custom end-to-end solutions beyond the scope of standard “off the shelf” products for large health care providers and state and federal government departments such as the Department of Labor and California’s Employee Development Department (EDD). Leonard’s ADF solutions blended existing and custom software to optimize the customers print environment and reduce costs.

With his broad range of skills and advanced technical know-how, Leonard prides himself in providing the best and most appropriate recommendations and solutions for the present and future needs of every Zen Sys customer.

Michael Smith brings 20 years of experience building automated applications and hardened solutions to cutting edge, high integrity ADF users, most notably on behalf of the State of California Employment Development Department .  

Michael graduated from California State University Sacramento with a degree in physics and a passion for computers and computer languages.  In pursuit of that passion, his career spans building the conventional print and ADF applications, as well as a variety of scientific and business applications.  

His diverse background allows Zen Sys customers to benefit from his inventive and practical approach to ADF solutions. Those solutions, deployed across MVS and Windows environments, include the integration of some the industry’s well known postal automation products in support of print, inserting and shop floor management technology. 

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